Why Us

The Art of Gift Giving

There are some very important things that make one product stand out above others.  Presentation and Quality.  The presentation of our product is built around the idea of perfection.  Every aspect of the item is important, from the roses themselves, their placement, the ribbon and bow, the gift card.   All of these are done to make sure the final result is as close to perfect as we can make it.  We work daily to improve our products and designs so that they are the best available in the marketplace.

It all starts with the Roses.  Making sure that the diameter of the roses are between 4-5.5cm is most important.  A large number of roses on the market are smaller and when purchased by the head, can be misleading.

Make sure the petals are full and straight pointing out instead of up, which can often resemble a cabbage.  The layout of the roses is very important for the overall presentation of the gift box or centerpiece.

Not all roses are created equal, however on an arrangement they need to be as level as possible.  On large displays noticeable variations can occur, so we make sure that all roses are approximately the same height.

Minimal gaps needed.  As much as possible, the roses should cover the entire area of the product.  We minimize any gaps between them to give you the best coverage possible.

The Final Product has to be very professional.  Do no accept inadequate flowers put together at random.  The presentation will determine the expected reaction from the receiver, always go for the best out there to get your money’s worth.

Pay attention to details.  Even the smallest of details lets you know how much the company cares about their image.  Make sure the ribbon is high end gross-grain, look closely at the details of the box and do not choose a cheap looking box, there are plenty of high end items on the market.