Weddings gifts

Best Wedding Roses

Shop now from a variety of eternal rose gift options that are perfect for any wedding celebration.  Brighten up your event with Prêt-à-Fleur’s Eternal Roses that last for 3 years, it will be the feature décor of any room.  Our Forever Roses make the perfect gift as a party favor as well.

Best Gifts for Wedding and as Party Favors

Our forever roses are real and stay radiantly fresh without any watering for 3 years, making this the most desirable gift for any wedding event, party or celebration.  Each Eternal Rose is hand crafted. Offering a large selection of vibrant colors and elegant styles, you can select from our existing designs or customize your own.  Our Eternal Roses® are also the perfect gift as a party favor, it’s guaranteed to leave your guest in awe.

Eternal Roses Gift and Decor for Weddings

Our Soho Centerpiece is the perfect Gift and/or decor for a wedding party, event or celebration.  Each centerpiece comes with a various number of roses in corresponding colors representing the specific colors from the particular event, depending on size of the gift chosen and the natural size of the flower. We also offer a choice of a large size signature bow as well as a personal note to enhance your gift to a higher level. Free shipping nationwide make this the ultimate indulgence in gift giving.  Our Forever Roses is the best option for a gift for any occasion.

Real Roses that last centerpiece in Tiffany Blue, medium