We said ANY SPACE” and we meant it!

At Prêt-à-Fleur®, our designs are inspired by a desire to create an atmosphere of elegance, splendor, and luxury. We draw this inspiration from all aspects of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our collections are the embodiment of this lifestyle, promoting a unique New York City ambiance and flare.

The Eternal Roses® centerpieces are vibrant and bold in their colorful arrangements and designs. These pieces are perfect for any room, they add an air of beauty and sophistication to all things around them. Our Eternal Roses® are the unique manifestation of the oldest human desire, the preservation of beauty forever. The result of great care and hard work brings you a rose so perfect it withstands the tests of time.


Tabletop Decor

Table Top Decor

Hotel Entrance

Eternal Roses Elegant Centerpiece in Orchid

Table arrangement

Eternal Roses Elegant Centerpiece in Lilac

Room Decor

Living Room

Coffee table

Eternal Roses that last 3 years Centerpiece in medium, color Lilac

Dining Table

Window Ledge

Eternity Roses Single Rose Gift Box in Lilac

Office Desk

Living Room Decor

Homework Desk

Bar Table

Bar Decor

TableTop Display

Table Top decor

Night stand

Outdoor setting

Desk Decor

Coffee Table

Hotel Lobby

Medical Office

Coffee Table

Eternal Rose Gift Box in Scarlet

Table arrangement

Elegant Roses that last displayed in small Centerpiece in color Canary, perfect for any space and occasion

Bedroom Decor

Living Room Dining Table

Night Stand Decor

Office entrance

Eternal Roses that last 3 years medium Centerpiece in Silver

Kitchen Countertop

Living Room decor

Outdoor restaurant

Kitchen Counter

Table Top Decor

Office Desk

Eternal Roses Azzure Centerpiece in small